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Super-K Liquid Detergent Colourtec​

Super-K Liquid Detergent is formulated for indoor drying. It comes with superior stubborn stains removal that cleans up even tough stain such as sebum. It has colour care for brighter colours and whiter whites. This makes Super-K Liquid Detergent your home’s obvious choice for liquid detergents thanks to superior cleaning performance with colour protection.
  • Fragrance lasts up to 100 days with fragrance capsules.
  • Longer lasting brightness for both colours & whites.​
  • Fabrics looks & feel ultra clean & bright.​
  • Removes tough stains without damaging fabrics.​
  • Available in 1.6kg Pouch / 2.3kg Pouch / 3.6kg Bottle.​
Suitable for top-loading washing machines and hand wash.
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