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Super-K Liquid Detergent Fast Clean

Super-K Liquid Detergent is formulated for indoor drying. It has superior stubborn stain removal which cleans even tough stains such as sebum. It eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria as well as removing malodour and odour-causing bacteria. Super-K Liquid Detergent is your home’s obvious choice for liquid detergent thanks to superior cleaning performance that’s suitable for indoor drying.
  • Liquid gel formulation that easily dissolves in water and faster penetration into fabric.
  • Anti-Bacterial action to eliminate odour causing bacteria.
  • Pleasant & refreshing fragrance in every wash.
  • Available in 1.8kg Pouch / 2.5kg Pouch / 3.8kg Bottle.
Suitable for top-loading washing machines and hand wash.
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